The Root Seekers’ Obituary File

32,000+ Obituaries from Kaufman, Van Zandt, and Henderson Counties, Texas, and other places

Beginning with a vast collection of obituaries by Marie Reasonover, Nina Hendricks and other members of the Root Seekers Genealogical Society of Mabank, Texas, have gathered over 32,000 obituaries going as far back as the 1880s. Nina has created hard copy books of these obituaries which are available for research at the genealogical room at Tri-County Library at 132 East Market Street, Mabank.

By clicking on either the link above or the one below, you will be taken to the search field. Our obituaries are index only by the last name of the deceased. As with all of our searches, entering the first letters of the name will produce a thumbnail of every image that begins with those letters. Therefore, entering “Adam” will produce Adamson as well as Adam and Adamocek or any other that begins with those letters. 

We know that every death is not recorded here for the last 125 years; therefore, if you have an obituaries that you can submit for inclusion, we would appreciate your help by sending a digital (jpg, tif, gif, bmp, psd, pdf, etc.) copy of it along with the name of the deceased, date of death, and the name of the newspaper where the obit was published. These should be sent to the webmaster at

Our appreciation goes out to R. D. Stokes of Assured Solutions of Dallas for his help in  indexing the data, providing computer space on the company server for our data and for his continual technical support. It is no longer necessary to go through the process of selecting a letter of the alphabet to perform a search. In the same box, a person may perform a search of Zenobia, Jones, or Stanton or any other name of a deceased. Thank you, Rob.

3 Responses to Obituaries

  1. victoria martinez gutierrez says:

    I know my family lived in Ma bank my parents were born there. Census 1930 1940 .My grandparents some born in Texas others in Mexico.They were raised in Texas work and died here. I don’t every thing just some. Pedro and Annie Martinez 1930 census. I know when she past .I don’t know a bout him they told me he died in 1934 in California not Tx. What do I need do to find out more? CAN YOU HELP ME.

    • rcstokes says:

      I am not an expert at genealogical searches but here is what I suggest. According to what you say, he was 31 when he died. The information on the 1930 census is a start. The more you know about him the better you are. Try and, and Search for him in the death files. I did a quick search on Ancestry and came up with an interesting “duel.” It was not your grandfather, I know. The name was wrong on this Martinez, but I had fun reading about this “duel.” Now back to your problem. On, I found 283 Pedro Martinez in California. HeritageQuest requires a password and user name which you can get from your public librarian if you have a library card. Findagrave is free. is free for 7 days. You might even try Remember, the more specific information you have, the better the search: city, county, SS#, other members of the family, birthdate, etc. Good luck!